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Ford Excursion Seat Covers

Looking for a car seat cover that will protect your spending habits? This faux leather full set cover is perfect, with two-tone black and black design, this cover will make your car seat look like a showroom asset. Plus, the front and back two-tone black cover will protect your seat from dirt and dust.

2004 Ford Excursion Seat Covers

The 2004 Ford Excursion seat covers are 3-layer waterproof which means they can protect your food from watched predators and are sideless for an air-tight seal, they have an 2-front ferry deck logo in black and are level with the front these universal auto seat covers are for the Ford Excursion limited model. They protect your seat from damage and protect your inner cover from dust and dirt, they are also anti-theft and anti- sca. This seat cover set for the Ford Excursion is top-quality for protecting your back during your travel adventures, with multiple colors and styles to choose from, this set is first-class for your next big event or trip. Plus, the cutesy name will help make your trip to your favorite restaurant sound like a special event, this is an 5 seat full set car seat cover. It is a luxurious leather cover that is universal for front or rear seat passengers, it renders a cushion for comfort and a stylish design. This cover is dandy for a long trip.